This is a great walk, taking in the beautiful Langton villages and with a great view point from the Langton Caudle.

Starting point: Carlton Corner Bed & Breakfast

Distance: 10 miles


Brilliant if you like a pub walk as there are great pubs in all the villages you will visit.


Turn left outside the B&B, turn left at the junction then first right onto Marsh Drive.  When you reach the A6 turn left and follow the road for about quarter of a mile, eventually you’ll see a road off to your right and directly opposite is a footpath taking you across the fields to your left.

At the second field you’ll see there are two possible paths, take the left one and continue over the fields. When you get to a dirt track cross over and go straight on uphill up the field.  Follow the path to the left of a little orchard until you reach the back of The Manor shopping outlet, it’s quite nice to walk through The Manor as there are lots of interesting little shops and businesses and a little café too.  Walk down the drive and turn left when you reach the road.

Walk through the village until you reach the T junction.  There is a path which continues straight on past a house called “Shangton House”.  Continue over a little style then cross several fields towards Stonton Wyville. At the village turn right and walk down the road until you reach a T junction.  Go straight on up the lane signposted for Leicestershire Round.  A little way along there is a gateway with the sign quite concealed in the hedge (signposted to Welham).  Proceed through the field.

Once you get to the top of the hill you’ll see a yellow marker, follow that but don’t go straight on, instead when you get past a little copse of hedge turn to the left and follow with the hedge on your left.  (There are fantastic views from up there) Go through a silver gate, turn right and walk uphill with the hedge on your right hand side.  At the end of the field there is a junction with signs leading to the left and the right.  Take the path to the right and proceed down through the little valley.

Continue through a copse of trees then head down to a gate in the corner of the field (this was very muddy when we did it) Cross a style and a little bridge and continue down the path between the trees.  Continue up the lane into Thorpe Langton.

When you get to the main road through the village turn right then immediately left up Church Lane, at the top of the lane turn right and follow the path at the side of the Church.  Cross the little field and join the lane at the end turning left by sign saying “Leicestershire Round footpath to East Langton”.  At the end of the lane go through the gate, turn right and immediately go through a double gate then proceed across the fields.  Cross several fields until you reach East Langton.

At the road turn right then right again.  Follow the road until you come to a little green by The Bell Inn, after the green there is a signed path to the left leading you onto the Cricket ground. Follow the yellow markers to the left and go through a little gate in the hedge, turn immediately right and proceed up to the road.  Go straight on and up the road towards Church Langton.  Just after the 30 sign take the footpath off to the left, go across several fields then continue along the path alongside the carpark to The Langton Inn.  Cross the road and go straight on staying on the footpath.  Go through several horse paddocks until you reach a field.

Carry on through several fields, the path veers to the right but instead go to the left where you’ll see a footpath sign which leads you through the middle of the field.  Follow the path skirting round several fields.  Cross a little bridge over a stream turn left then immediately right and go up the field with the hedge on your left hand side.  Continue skirting around the edges of several fields until your back to the A6.  Turn right and walk up the road until you reach Marsh Drive on the right hand side, take that, turn left at the T junction and you’ll see the B&B on the right hand side.

Hope you enjoyed your walk!!

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